How-To: Porsche Oil Change Boxster/Cayman, 986/996, 987/997

Oil and Filter change procedure for 911, BOXSTER, CAYMAN, 986/996, 987/997

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  • Step 1 Jack up car to a suitable height, install solid jack stands and wheel chocks to secure vehicle.
  • Step 2 Clean areas around sealing area of oil filter canister and oil drain plug using spray cleaner.
  • Step 3 Using a suitable container (capacity at least 10 quarts, 2 ½ gallons)
    • Remove oil drain plug catching oil. Next remove oil filter canister using suitable tool.
    • Remove oil filter insert by pulling down.
    • Allow oil to drain for at least 20 minutes.
  • Step 4 Clean oil filter canister and drain plug using spray cleaner. Remove rubber o-ring from canister and aluminum drain plug washer.
  • Step 5 Install new rubber o-ring from filter kit in appropriate groove in housing lubricating the o-ring with motor oil. Install new oil filter insert by pressing insert over tapered sleeve on motor making sure filter is fully seated and centered (there is no top or bottom to insert). Install filter canister and torque to 18.5 ft/lbs. Install drain plug using a new drain plug washer and torque to 37 ft/lbs. Clean areas using spray cleaner.
  • Step 6 Pour in Mobil 1 0-40w motor oil (8 ¾ quarts 1997-2003 or 8 ¼ quarts 2004 and later), Check for leaks. Start car, check for oil pressure VERY IMPORTANT, and then recheck for any oil leakage at drain plug or oil filter area. Lower car, remove wheel chocks and test drive.
  • Step 7 After test drive turn off engine, recheck for oil leaks, allow car to sit for the appropriate amount of time according to countdown clock on the instrument cluster oil gauge (see owners manual), and check oil level. This may take anywhere from 5 seconds for a fully hot vehicle to 1 hour if engine oil is cold. Hint the longer the test-drive the shorter the wait. Oil level should be half way between minimum and maximum. Do not over fill.

Red Line Technik Tech Tip:

To minimize brake squeak: After washing your car, wash your brake calipers using a low flow of water, NO PRESSURE NOZZLE, until no more brake dust flows out with the water. Then drive car approximately 2 miles to dry your brakes and rotors immediately after washing.

Brake rotors are made from cast iron, which will rust quickly, the rust will then get impregnated into the brake pads and increase the possibility of brake noise.
Use Caution brake efficiency is reduced when brakes are wet

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