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I'm hoping you can help me. I'm in the process of rebuilding my 923/02. I removed my pinion and main shaft and disassembled my pinion shaft. After cleaning it I see that the gears are really clean and almost polished looking. Well, they are polished. They look like chrome. Do I need to replace it and the ring gear? The ring gear doesn't look like that at all. It is still dark grey looking. Thanks for your help.


Smooth Pinion Gear by rod ezerod eze, 18 Aug 2017 01:41

I am in the process of rebuilding my 923/02 transmission in 1976 Porsche 912E. I would like to have the case cleaned and inspected. I also need to have the bearing guides removed and replaced in the case. Where do you recommend I go to have this work done? i live in the Los Angeles area. Thanks for your help.


923 Rebuild by rod ezerod eze, 12 Aug 2017 16:22

I'm also interested in the 901.
Is there anything available?

Re: 901 rebuild tutorial? by Geoff_M99Geoff_M99, 23 Aug 2016 01:10
Bill HeimpelBill Heimpel 21 Jun 2016 05:58
in discussion Porsche Forums / 924/944 Forum » 944/2

How to check codes and turn off warning light on my 87 944/2

944/2 by Bill HeimpelBill Heimpel, 21 Jun 2016 05:58

bearings on the bell housing came out by hand, check another videos and places apparently is not good, where I can buy a new one or repair mine is a 915/61 thanks pls need help

transmission by Jueyero12Jueyero12, 22 May 2016 10:57

need the part number for the 915/61 dog teeth for the third ,fourth and fifth any help appreciated thanks

problem with transmission by Jueyero12Jueyero12, 16 May 2016 21:36

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I've been reading through various articles on stuck 915's but haven't seen this case covered. Would love any suggestions.

My '72 911T has had it's transmission rebuilt about 20,000 miles ago and has given me flawless service until just the other day… After stopping for fuel, I went to shift into 1st and got nothing but a mushy lever. Letting the clutch out the motor bogged but the car didn't move (like it was in 5th or something). I tried shifting it and got it into 3rd (I think) and drove it home. Pulling the shift coupling cover I found that the bushings in the coupler had disintegrated completely. My hope was to replace the bushings, shift it out of 3rd and then align the linkage as described elsewhere. Sadly, even with the bushing, cup and rod bushing replaced, I cannot get it to shift out of 3rd (I say 3rd as the coupler is square with the floor of the car and the selector rod appears to be pulled out from the transmission.

I've read several articles about 915's being stuck in 5th and reverse at the same time, leaving the car immobile, but nothing about being stuck in any other gear. The car made no grinding noises and drove fine albeit stuck in one gear. Any advice?

Best regards!


993 conrod
Becky_11Becky_11 06 Mar 2015 09:11
in discussion Porsche Forums / The Racer Forum » 993 conrod

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993 conrod by Becky_11Becky_11, 06 Mar 2015 09:11

Alright, so when i turn 17 i have quite a bit of money to spend on a car.. ive been saving up like crazy since i was 13 and of course with some of my parents help.. Please no bs like oh your to young to drive a 400hp car blah blah blah.. My father taught me how to drive manual when i was only 15. im not going to be street racing or going 5million kp/h on the highway. I just want a car with a good acceleration and the porsche 911 turbo (996) fits because it can do 0-60 in 3.7-3.9 which is very impressive.

ALSO please if you are going to recommend me with a different car or anything like that.. please just dont answer the question, I want to talk about THIS car and no other car.

My question is, is the porsche 911 turbo a good buy? (the 996 model) so the one before the models that are out now. By is it a good car? I mean is it reliable? Say if i buy one with 100,000 km for 40 grand, will the porsche last me a good while?

I have a porsche cayman s from 2006. I was wonder if I am better off buying a used factory porsche gps/ radio or buying an after market one?

Porsche cayman s 2006 by Xtremeteam7Xtremeteam7, 23 Jul 2014 03:28

I am finishing up work on my 915 08 box. I wanted a close ratio set-up, so I swapped out my second, third and fifth gear pairs, and 'flipped' my existing third gear into the forth gear position. I follow Peter's instructions closely. Especially about cleaning every part and reinstalling them dry. Unfortunately, once I torqued down the covers, I found resistance and binding when I turned the main shaft by hand. I thought perhaps the shift forks were rubbing against the sliders. I measured and found 5 mils of run out on my sliders. After milling off 5 mils from the inside of my shift forks, with no reduction in binding, I next used a small paint brush to introduce some gear oil such that it would seep into my 'free' gears and coat the needle bearings within. Bingo! No more binding. Now, my issue may have resulted due to the fact that my bearings had some miles on them. (Though I fully renewed my gear box less than 10,000 miles back: bearings, friction bands, dog teeth, sliders etc, etc..) Also, while I 'flipped' my third gear into the forth gear position, I maintained the orientation of its needle bearing cage so as to keep it spinning in its original direction.

I wanted to mention my experience in case Peter had feedback for me, or if it might be helpful to another amateur transmission builder in a similar bind.

Happy New years to you all also.
The Red Line Team

Marc Bixen
Red Line Service

thanks Marc-I've found the 944 is 'similar' to the Porsche/Audi 016 and 01E,both those have clutch/starter provisions and share a similar case and internals..I started doing a 65 Corvair mid-engine w/ a 4.3 and Saginaw 4sp,sidelined due to trans leaks; I'm still in favor of sticking with 3-liter power,and keeping the air cooled Vair engine but with modern upgrades; "done" T/A's are available but too costly,$8-20K,,the 944 was only $400 (the going price on ebay)..

Probably your best bet for this info would be to contact someone with Audi experience. The 944 trans is actually an Audi part and I think by going that route you'd have a much better chance of reaching your goal. It sounds like an interesting project, good luck and please keep us informed

Marc Bixen
Red Line Service

I've got a 1985 944 transaxle,and want to adapt it to an engine (a Corvair,to be specific); is there another case that will swap on,with clutch and starter provisions? I'm also thinking of having the bell housing machined off to adapt to it,I'm just not sure about how to get the case off (and differential out) without messing things up..Is there a clutch disc that will mate to the 23 spline input shaft?

Hey Fellas,

Anyone happen to know the approximate length of the hard brake line from the MC to the elbow in front of the tunnel. My connection is leaking and it was found to be tight. I tried to make it tighter but I think that is futile since I never worked on it.

I had major issues bleeding, now I know why.




85 Targa 3.2

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